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RamBikes Stand

The VCU RamBikes Stand is the home of cycling on campus.  Functioning as a “bike lounge”, the facility intends to take an innovative approach to education for cyclists (and anyone else that would like to learn about bikes).  The bike lounge is designed to create a welcoming and collaborative environment for cyclists of all kinds, as well as those looking to get started.

Not only with VCU’s bike ambassadors lead safety skills and maintenance clinics at this facility, they will also engage in peer-to-peer skill-sharing in a less formalized and more conversationally inviting setting.  By creating an atmosphere in which students would like to spend some time, they can be immersed in the many sides to cycling, from commuting and utility to recreation and competition (and its many diverse disciplines, ranging from road and mountain biking to cyclocross, BMX, trials, track, and more).

The RamBikes Stand offers a seating area with a flatscreen television, which will roll engaging and exciting cycling footage during all open hours.  There is a full repair shop for students to work on their bikes, and bike ambassadors will be nearby to offer guidance and a little know-how.  The purpose of this shop is not to compete with the experienced mechanics at Richmond’s wealth of local bike shops, but the facility would like to help those in the VCU community learn how to maintain their own bikes.  We are happy to help you get home on a bad day, as well.

Computers will be available at the Stand to assist bike ambassadors in extending their experience to visitors.  They can help you find the closest bike shops, pick out a bike and/or parts and accessories based on your needs, route your commute, join the VCU Cycling Club and other local groups, show you incredible cycling footage, and answer any questions you  may have.

Remember, VCU RamBikes is here to help you get started and to keep pedaling – for fun, for health, for efficient use of time, for competition, for your community, for the environment, and, overall, simply for your enjoyment.


201 N. Belvidere St. (on the northeast corner of W. Grace St.)


10am – 5pm, Monday through Friday